Special Half-Day Workshop with Tony Rago of TheoTrade

What: A Half-Day Workshop with Tony Rago, Instructor, TheoTrade.com

When: Saturday, September 21, 2019  ... Doors open at 8:30 am

Where: Elks Lodge, 375 N Pastoria, Sunnyvale, CA


Regular Registration:  $55.00     (35% off the at-the-door fee)

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Tony Rago, is coming to SVOG for a special half-day workshop. Tony has been trading since the mid-90s and has narrowed his trading skills to focus on the specialization of the NASDAQ Futures. Learn how to intra-day trade the NASDAQ futures. Learn a proven formula for intra-day trading with detailed step by step entry and exit criteria.

If you have ever wondered about intra-day trading this half-day session is an exceptional opportunity to see what it is all about.  If you already intra-day trade, this is an excellent opportunity to expand and tune your skills. Come and learn how to be more successful trading. This is a great time to learn and add another skill into your arsenal.  Whether you trade futures, equities or options you will leave the workshop with knowledge and skills you can immediately apply to your next trade.

If you have not registered by now, did I tell you about the light refreshments; coffee, tea, and morning snacks?   You guessed it, they are included.   

And ... there are two Bonus Items included for registered attendees: (1) Unlimited access to Tony Rago's Intra-Day Trading NASDAQ Futures Class on the TheoTrade website ($100 value), (2) Unlimited access to Don Kaufman's Futures 101: An Introduction to Futures Contracts Class ($100 value).  Thank You TheoTrade!

The first Bonus speaks for its self -- review the contents as many times as it makes sense.  The second Bonus is especially useful if you are new to Futures Contracts or want to brush up your knowledge -- review before the September event, so you are prepared to get the maximum value from Tony at the presentation.,


If you have not registered by now, Jim Norton, Past SVOG President, said and I quote, "I am really excited about this event, it represents the best value SVOG has ever put together, but more importantly I don't have a good intra-day trade strategy and I am looking for this event to fill that hole in my skill set."


Perhaps you are asking yourself questions like:

  • Why should I learn about futures?
  • Since I don’t day-trade, how is intra-day trading applicable to me?
  • Just what value will I get out of this event?

These are all valid questions. Let’s see if we can get some clarity and context.

Why should I learn about futures?

“Futures offer a fast, cost-effective way to trade financial and commodity markets. They are standardized contracts to buy or sell a particular asset at a set price, on a set date in the future, in predefined quantity and quality. Traders worldwide use futures to easily reduce risk or seek profits on changing markets.” The benefits of futures include 24-hour access, deep liquidity, transparency, leverage, diversification, and ease of going short (https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/why-futures.html).

With the recent advent of the micro-futures contracts, trading futures is now accessible to nearly everyone, regardless of account size. Adding futures to your trading toolbox can increase your effectiveness as a trader. Oh, and by the way, options are available on futures as well.

Since I don’t day-trade, how is intra-day trading applicable to me?

Regardless of the timeframe you trade, entry and exit criteria are very similar. Tony will be demonstrating his personal techniques that have proven very successful for him one the years. This is an outstanding opportunity to be mentored by an experienced and successful trader.

Just what value will I get out of this event?

Besides the value described above, TheoTrade is offering all registrants an incredible bonus; LIFETIME access to 2 TheoTrade courses, (1) Don Kaufman’s Futures 101, and (2) Tony Rago’s Intra-Day Trading the NASDAQ Futures. These are F*R*E*E and included in your registration fee for the workshop. Just the two courses alone, a $200 value, for the regular registration fee of $55 is a great deal. 

TheoTrade is also offering a $97 credit for those wishing to enroll for 3 months of a TotalTheo membership. TotalTheo is not part of the SVOG workshop, per se, and is only available at this time by registering for this SVOG workshop. It is being offered, by TheoTrade, as a value-add for those who wish to explore TheoTrade in more detail. 

TotalTheo gives you access to everything on the TheoTrade website, including:

  • Member Chat Room access. 

  • All of the TheoTrade shared charts, scans and studies for the tos platform.

  • Trade suggestions from Don and the other TheoTrade instructors.

  • The nightly TheoTrade Members Report.

  • And more …

So register today ... You have until midnight September 19th, but don’t wait until the last minute … DO IT NOW!


This special offer from TheTrade is only available for registrants and will not be available at a later date via the SVOG website. You can only take advantage of this offer through the registration process … REGISTER NOW!

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