Management and Compensation

SVOG has operated as a California non-profit tax-exempt public benefit corporation since 2009, as defined by the IRS code section 501(c)(3) and the State of California.  The corporation is managed by 5-7 Directors who also act as Operational Officers; other volunteers contribute their time as necessary from time to time to meet the objectives and mission of the non-profit corporation.  All Directors, Operational Officers, and volunteer workers are voluntary and non-compensated.   

The current Board of Directors and their operational roles are:

James S Norton


Mr. Norton's background is that of electrical engineering and business management.  Primary trading interests are equities, options, and futures.  Trading stocks since the 80s, serious options since 2002 and still learning.

Mr. Norton says, "It is easy to learn trading strategies, the challenge is knowing your limitations while developing the patience and skill to execute effectively."


Larry Gagliani

Vice-President and Guest Speaker Co-ordinator

Mr. Gagliani has over 40 years in engineering, marketing, and business development in high performance instrumentation, telecommunications, custom semiconductors, and microprocessors.  He has been trading and investing in stocks since 1976 and has been intensively studying and practicing option strategies since 2011.

Mr. Gagliani likes the saying -"There are things that are nice to know, and there are things that make money." - source unknown


Spencer V Preston

Secretary and Web Master

Mr. Preston attended San Diego State College where he majored in physics and became interested in computers. He subsequently spent over 40 years in the computer industry in a variety of roles and with several different companies. He began trading stocks in 1999 and became interested in options and option strategies in 2006, and developed a keen interest in iron condors beginning in 2009.

“The well of Providence is deep, it’s the buckets we bring to it that are small.” – Mary Webb


Andy Brooks


 Mr. Brooks comes from the tech industry with a background working as a system/network  administrator. The dot-com era was the driving force for an interest in trading. Mr. Brooks likes trading Options because of its purchasing power and risk management properties. Still in the learning process and doing his trading via paper trading.

When it comes to taking profits Andrew goes by the saying  “Bears get fat. Bulls get fat. Pigs get slaughtered.” – Author unknown


Robert Schmidt

Board Member at Large, President Emeritus

Mr. Schmidt graduated from UC Berkeley  with a BS double major in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Materials Science Engineering. He has used his experience as a trainer to teach other stock and option traders and frequently was a keynote speaker both before and after he helped co-found SVOG.  Rob started trading in 2004 as an InvesTools student and has subsequently studied under Rance Masheck, Charles Cottle, Dan Sheridan, David Elliott, John Person, Bill Poulos and Jake Bernstein.


In addition to the Board of Directors, SVOG is served by several dedicated volunteer associates:

Warren Wong

Assistant to the Treasurer

Bio not available at this time.


Dennis Wong

Mr. Wong is a full-time trader and retired Fortune 500 corporate/business strategist with a BSEE from UC Berkeley, MBA from Santa Clara, and is a Stanford Executive Program graduate.  He began trading equities in 2002 and options in 2005.  Mr. Wong started trading butterflies actively in 2006 as well as other options strategies.  He is a lifelong student of trading, experienced loser, an InvesTools PhD, and a student of Dan Sheridan and others.  


Jimmie Quan

Bio not available at this time.