The 2020 Speaker Schedule

*Praxis -- the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing ideas.


This year and into early 2021, SVOG will take a new approach that focuses on making people better traders using hands-on demonstrations and less on one-way, lecture style presentations. We believe that by focusing on being a practitioner, people will gain greater value from attending our monthly meetings.

The following activities and meeting concepts are planned:

  • "Learn to Trade" Series

    • This is a set of 6 interactive sessions presented, roughly, one per quarter
    • The 6 sessions, along with target dates, are detailed here
  • Trader Talk

    • This will be two sessions with two speakers per session
    • In these sessions local traders will address the following:
    1. What system are you currently trading?
    2. What systems did you trade before and why did you change?
    3. What did you find are your keys to trading success?
    4. What did you learn not to do again?
    5. What rules do you follow?
    6. Do you keep a journal?
    7. How do you track your trades and portfolio?
    8. What metrics do you track?
    9. Do you have a daily routine?
  • Speaker Programs

    • We are planning on having 6 outside speakers
  • Quarterly 1-hour Zoom meetings to discuss the past SVOG meeting presentations

  • The session will address questions and discuss thoughts and experiences using the presented content further
  • The session will go over any demonstrations to further clarify content presented
  • Monthly Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings on one trading strategy/system

  • SIG topic to last 6 sessions
  • At the end of 6 months, a new trading strategy/system will be selected