SVOG September Meeting

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Jay Hanson will discuss the practical realities of using theta decay in options trading for income.  The reality of how time decay evolves over the course of a trade does not always match the textbook description.  Jay will provide his insights into how to effectively utilize this advanced knowledge in to your benefit in practical trading.

About Jay

Jay has been trading options for the last 15 years and is still learning. He has studied option trading with Dan Sheridan and a number of other option educators. Jay prefers options strategies that do not require a lot of day to day management.  He retired after working 30+ years in the consumer software industry at a number of startups and large corporations. Besides options trading Jay likes to work on molecular biology projects.


Every option strategy has a market opinion and it's kryptonite.  How do you decide what the market direction is?  How can you apply this to select the right strategy, improve your odds, and reduce your risk of getting killed?  Dennis Wong will discuss some of the technical indicators he uses to identify and analyze market trends.  He will then discuss how this leads his approach to strategy selection and management.  See how you can take a similar approach to improve your trading results.

About Dennis

Dennis is a retired Fortune 500 corporate/business strategy executive with over 30 years in strategy and planning. Dennis has been a student of the market for over 15 years and started trading options in 2005 and butterflies since 2010. Dennis has a BSEE from Berkeley, MBA from Santa Clara, Stanford ALP graduate, and is an Investools PhD student, Dan Sheridan options student as well as a student of a number of other training organizations/programs. His trading style is deeply influenced by his career in systems engineering, marketing, and corporate business planning as well as his trading education and mentors. Besides trading, Dennis is actively involved with the Ascend Leadership organization, a national non-profit whose goal is the increase the number of Asians in senior executive and board roles in the Fortune 500.

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