SVOG July Meeting

Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Carl Jorgensen will share several useful techniques to help Traders match the appropriate Options Strategy to their trading opportunity and objectives.  These techniques proved effective in helping Carl achieve consistent success trading options. These techniques apply to all styles, time-frames and experience levels of Trading.  Have you ever wondered what Options Contract (Expiration, Strike, Call or Put) or Strategy to buy or sell?  As a Trader, we face a paradox of not knowing the outcome of each trade when we enter into it, yet we want to achieve consistent results in the long run.  We also want our money work hard for us and maximize our profits. However, these multiple objectives can often be in conflict with each other or cause some uncertainty.  These techniques can help you identify objectively an appropriate process, compromise, understanding the pros and cons and be comfortable with your decisions.  A consistent process leads to consistent results.

About Carl

Carl previously worked in the electronics industry for 22 years managing manufacturing operations.  He began trading options in 1995.  After realizing consistent success he left the world of employment in 2002 to trade full time.  He has traded as a registered trader at the Pacific Coast Options Exchange and as a Prop firm Trader, as well as a trading coach and instructor. He has been a requested presenter at the TSAA-SF, MTA, trading seminars and at various trading groups. He has developed custom indicators, strategies and trading systems actively trading Options, Futures and ETFs, as well as developed Trader Education curriculum and taught courses covering ‘Effective Options Trading’, ‘How to develop a personal Trading Plan’ and his ‘Trader Development Workshop’.

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