SVOG August Meeting

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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Let's Go Naked - Selling Naked Puts -- Bart Wical

One of the simplest strategies most traders do after they learned cover calls is selling puts. Selling a naked put is synthetically identical to a covered call and can be used to generate income or help you purchase stock you want at a lower cost. But there is a dark side to selling naked puts (as with any strategy). Having a plan to maximize returns while lowering risk and capital requirements are key.

Bart will show how he successfully trades naked puts while managing the risk. Come hear how a real trader is successful - how he plans the trade, protect the downside risks, decides on what trades to enter and where, and his mindset. Bart will be using tos to review some past and live trades that he has on to give you a real feel for trading naked puts with downside protection and what kind of returns he has experienced.

Come spend some time learning from a real trader. It should be a great, practical evening that will provide you with insights and real ways that you can add trading naked puts to your options strategies.


About Our Speaker

Bart Wical, holds a Master’s degree in Systems Management. Bart was an honor student in mathematics and physical sciences. He has excelled in the IT field for 25+ years and has a long history of big data management used for keeping a large multi-national company secure and protected. He uses this background in a personal trading capacity on a daily basis. Bart likes to team with others, championing best practices while honing the team‘s skill sets and execution. Bart’s experience with large data sets and his application of that knowledge. He leads a large strategy back testing group that includes industry professionals where he explores and optimizes existing strategies, and works tirelessly to optimize trades for the benefits of all who contribute in question and/or content.

Bart works full time so he concentrates on trades that do not take many market hours.


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