SVOG April Meeting

Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

This will be a 2 part meeting ... This meeting will also be FREE

Presentation 1

For some time now the Board of Directors of SVOG has had a desire to replace the existing web site with one that is more attune to the needs of our audience and that is in line with current web site design philosophies. The launch of the first version of the new site is imminent. In this presentation Mr. Preston, who has served as Webmaster along with his duties on the Board as Secretary, will provide an overview of the new site. The general site architecture will be examined; site registration, login, and password recovery will be explained; and, a glimpse of future directions for the site will be discussed. Your attendance and participation is encouraged and your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

About the speaker

Mr. Preston attended San Diego State College where he majored in physics and became interested in computers. He subsequently spent over 40 years in the computer industry in a variety of roles and with several different companies. He began trading stocks in 1999 and became interested in options and option strategies in 2006, and developed a keen interest in iron condors beginning in 2009.

Presentation 2

Trading Precious Metals -- 

  • Precious Metals - metals vs currency, a very brief run of monetary history from 1913 to today
  • Why Precious Metals is the the very profitable Black Sheep of portfolios
  • Addressing systemic risk via the hedge of precious metals
  • Physical vs ETF's vs Mining Shares (pros/cons of each)
  • Examining the commodities 30 year cycle
  • My short-term action - covered calls, puts on tops / Long-term action: identifying the peak
  • Incoming Deflation, then Inflation -- how to play the upcoming perfect storm - bubbles: tech, real estate
  • Charts to look at: gold/silver ratio, Wilshire 5000/GDP, etc.
  • Additional Resources

About the speaker

Mr. Wong, serves SVOG as Assistant Treasurer and is an active trader and investor in precious metals.

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