September SVOG Meeting

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: This meeting will be conducted on-line, via Zoom. This will be a FREE meeting although registration will be required. Registration instructions will be included in the announcement email.



The current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to make adaptions and accommodations to our normal routines. SVOG is no exception. We have shifted from in-person meetings to Zoom-based meetings. And for our September meeting we will be making another shift; we are going to have an “open mic” session where you, our audience, will set the agenda.

The meeting will be FREE of charge. That’s right, no $10.00 fee, but we will be asking that you RSVP so we can keep tabs on the number of people who intend to participate. We have a limitation placed on us by Zoom of 100. The RSVP’s will allow us to gauge the attendance so we can make accommodations if necessary. Details for sending your RSVP will be included in the announcement and reminder emails as will the Zoom login credentials.

Some topics that we might wish to discuss are:

  • What is The Trader’s Almanac saying?
  • How might one hedge their portfolio at this time?
  • How to position for the upcoming year-end seasonal move?
  • How do we know where we are today, what is the current market mood?
  • What trade strategies are appropriate for today’s market?
  • What DID NOT work for you on your last few trades?



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