October SVOG Meeting

Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: This meeting will be conducted on-line, via Zoom. Registration will be required. Click here to register.



Title: Growing an Account with Black Book Spreads

Here is why you need to learn how to trade Black Book spreads:

  • Black Book Spreads are easy to learn how to do and easy to place
  • How to Mine Edge from the Markets I’ll show you where and how to find it
  • Strategy Selection – I’ll show you how and why to select the RIGHT strategy
  • Perfect Allocation Models - How much should you allocate and why
  • The See-Saw Technique - How to keep your portfolio balanced
  • Black Book Spreads are perfect for you if you never want to lose sleep over your positions again
  • How to successfully navigate a variety of different market environments
  • Build your own Black Book Spreads using our custom Edge Scraper tool
  • Black Book Spreads are easily entered and exited with “Set and Forget” Orders
  • Black Book Spreads can be done with a trading account of as little as $2,000
  • Black Book Spreads can be done in retirement accounts, with minimal options experience, and with smaller accounts looking for large upside potential.


Matt Williamson has over 15 years of professional trading an investing experience under his belt, the most successful of which has been in the complex options space. He is also extremely well-versed in Risk Management and market-neutral positions.

Prior to joining TheoTrade Matt was in a different educational space as a premier guitar instructor/educator and musician. He graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. He also ran the Operations for NYC Guitar School for many years. The common ground from music theory and instruction to trading theory and instruction was a seamless blended transition for Matt.

As a TheoTrade Instructor, he works tirelessly educating TheoTrade Members on complex options and volatility trading to a level that is approachable and actionable for the retail trading community.

He splits his time evenly between risk-based margin strategies (portfolio margin and SPAN margin types) and smaller Reg-T margin trades. You will definitely want these tools in your trading arsenal!

His lively, fun and highly educational sessions are chock full of live executions, adjustments, and position risk management techniques.


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