January SVOG Meeting

Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: All meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at the Elks Lodge, 375 N Pastoria, Sunnyvale, CA (http://tinyurl.com/ElksLodgeSunnyvale)



Learn to Trade -- Identifying and Trading the Trend

“The trend is your friend until it ends” is an old adage. Trading and investing becomes a lot easier when you’re aligned with the trend. But how do you tell what the trend is? When can you tell that its ending? What’s the best time to trade the trend? Come to the first of SVOG’s “Learn to Trade” series where we look to help beginners to seasoned traders learn to be better traders and investors in 2020.

This is the year to see the markets more clearly and to use it to become more successful. This first session in the series will cover:

  • Why knowing the trend and its cycles are so important
  • How to identify the trend and not panic with the noise
  • How to identify when the market is changing trend
  • When to be more aggressive and when to be more cautious
  • How to trade the trend

This will be a very interactive session with live demonstrations so you need to be here to really see and understand the concepts. Bring your favorite stocks and indices so we can analyze them for their trend. Let’s make sure your trading has 20/20 vision in 2020.

About Our Speaker

Dennis Wong is a retired Fortune 500 corporate/business strategy executive with over 30 years in strategy, planning, marketing, and engineering. He has been a student of the market for over 15 years and started trading options actively in 2005. Since retiring, Dennis has been studying the best practices of many successful traders (and some not so successful ones) and trained under a number of instructors.  He is still learning through reading trading books, watching video courses and coaching.  He is a technician at heart but recently added a fundamental component to his trading.  Dennis has a EE from Berkeley, MBA from Santa Clara, and is a Stanford ALP graduate.

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