February SVOG Meeting

Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: This meeting will be conducted on-line, via Zoom. Registration will be required. Click here to register for this meeting.



Trading Vertical Spreads for $$$$

The credit spread is one of the most popular options trade after people become comfortable with puts and calls. These spreads (also known as verticals) have better capital efficiency, defined risk, and allow you to set the probabilities of success (risk vs reward) within your comfort zone.

There is a lot of information on the internet about what a vertical credit spread is, how to put them on, and how much money you can make using them.  The missing element is how to put together a portfolio of them to create and manage a successful, consistent income stream using credit spreads.  If you think it's holding them to expiration and letting the probabilities just play out, we believe you are wrong.  If you think you have to be tied to your computer to have a success trading, we believe you are wrong.   There is a "business" that you can run while you're working and we'll show you how.

Come to the February SVOG meeting and learn:

  • How to select when and where to put on credit spreads
  • How to use probability stacking to improve your odds
  • How to compute the numbers for a successful credit spread business
  • What to do to manage risk
  • How to run the business with just a few hours each night
  • How to build a trading plan for the business


Taking an integrative approach to trading, this is sure to be an enlightening evening and you will hear things that very few have talked about.   Many of the things you will learn are useful for approaching any trades that you do.   

About Our Speakers

Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong, a member of the SVOG Board of Directors, is a full-time trader and retired Fortune 500 executive.  He earned a BSEE from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Santa Clara University.  His background has been in systems design, product management, marketing, and business & corporate strategy.  He started trading equities in 2002 and options in 2005.  Dennis is a technical trader and is experienced with both directional and theta decay trading.

Rob Schmidt

Rob Schmidt, also a member of the SVOG Board of Directors, graduated from UC Berkeley  with a BS double major in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Materials Science Engineering. He has used his experience as a trainer to teach other stock and option traders and frequently was a keynote speaker both before and after he helped co-found SVOG.  Rob started trading in 2004 as an InvesTools student and has subsequently studied under Rance Masheck, Charles Cottle, Dan Sheridan, David Elliott, John Person, Bill Poulos and Jake Bernstein.


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